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2019 Pierce Saber

Rescue Engine 5 is a multirole company and is the main work horse of the station. The Engine Company carries an extensive array of tools allowing the crew to complete the functions of an Engine Co or a Ladder Co to include vehicle extrication/ stabilization, rope rescue equipment, swift water rescue equipment as well as normal fire fighting roles. 



2004 HME 1871- M&W Fire

Attack 5 is our specialty Wildland Urban Interface piece. Equipped with an AWD drivetrain, the Attack is capable of reaching the more remote areas of our territory and surrounding areas to perform both structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, and structural protection. The Rig is also set up with a light compliment of extrication equipment in the event of a hard to reach Extrication call. 



2008 Ford F550- M&W Fire

Brush 5 is our wildland unit primarily tasked with responding to brush, grass, and mountainous terrain fires. The small and nimble 4wd chassis allows for access to even the most hard to reach areas. The Brush can also double as a structural firefighting piece, in the event of terrain or a bridge that the Engines cannot cross, by attaching structural line as well as being adequately supplied by an Engine Company.



2006 Kenworth T800- M&W Fire

Tanker 5 is tasked with water supply. Be it water shuttles, drafting and running the fill site, or simply being plumbed into the fire attack truck, the Tanker is there to make sure water is delivered. Capable of carrying two Firefighters, the truck is also equipped with SCBA so the passenger can be attached to another unit to perform fire suppression duties. 



2010 Chevrolet Tahoe

Car 5 is one of two Response vehicles for the department. The Car is equipped to assist with BLS EMS calls as well as act as a command unit as staffed by our officers or released senior members. When staffed as the command unit the call sign "Fire 5" is used. The vehicle also assists in moving personnel for department errands and training. Car 5 also is assigned to assist in pulling swift water resources by trailer when needed.

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Coming Soon*

The Utility is used to assist with moving personnel for errands, training, as well as responding to appropriate calls. Utility 5 also hauls resources as needed for special operations responses, mostly our swift water rescue equipment. The truck also carries a stokes basket in the rear and will chase EMS units during inclement weather and assist in extracting patients when a medic unit will not reach them. Utility 5 can also be ran as Fire 5.

20190925_181407 (1).jpg

Swift Water Unit

Our swift water unit is a two tier boat trailer that carries our Zodiac style Rescue One inflatable boat as well as our Hard Bodied Rescue One boat. The Unit will be towed by the appropriate response unit to respond to water rescue special operations calls county wide and staffed by our Swift Water Rescue Technicians. 

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